the authentic way

A path of the heart


welcome to a portal of love and devotion

The Authentic Way

 is a path of the heart to inspire you into unique expression and way of living from within. 

On this journey towards self-realization do we encounter so many varieties of teachings, learnings and ways of seeking ourselves. The importance within that path is to remember that what we are looking for is already within ourselves. As everything that we perceive is a creation from within.

Your unique authentic self, as it lives and breathes within you is already complete and divine in its original form.
Therefore is this a path of undoing and letting go- it is about allowing yourself to be as you are, from the most innocent and loving space of your heart. When this can be done it will be understood that there is no need to be perfect, there is no need to act and play a role for society or to constantly seek more. And through that comes a deep sense of surrender, dropping into the present moment and freedom.

Each one of us has a unique gift, a unique way of sharing the essence of light and the authentic way is here to illuminate that very essence within you.
It is a labour of pure service and love to the essence of your heart and guided by the heart intelligence and inspiration of life.

You have been guided to this portal of light for a reason, so please enter and open up to receive the inspiration for your hearts calling.
Namaste and highest Blessings 

Asherah Sananda


Asherah is a beautiful being. A being of light that connect intuitively to angelic guides and light spirits. She brings through her voice, hands and aura a magical energy of healing, clearing and transformation. Highly recommend her personal sessions as well as group guidance. I invited her to share precious time in my healing sanctuary and facilitate together ceremonies and healing. Muchas gracias. 

Orpheus B

Thank You lovely Asherah for the 2 wonderful healing sessions. You helped me so much to ground and  clear off negative energies within just a few minutes. I highly appreciated your way of working, in such a calm and peaceful way in the middle of the chaos we were in.  I warmly recommend You and your work and I am looking forward to meet You again for a session next time I come to Glastonbury. Sending You my warmest Greetings & gratitude! 


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“Your own Self-realization is the greatest service you can render the world.”

Ramana Maharshi