Can I be truly vulnerable? And authentic with where I am at? In every moment? Will I be judged if I share my fears and will I be not acknowledged in my gifts and the magic that I bring if I share the pieces that are still keeping me small? Does it mean that I have failed or that I am not good enough if I am just being myself as I am, with my dark side and my light side?

Can others still see my light? Can others still see the magic in me? Can others still see that I have so much to offer and to bring and that I have done so much work on myself to get to this place? Will others think that I may have not if I share my fears?

Can I be loved with all parts of myself? Can I love all parts of myself? Can I allow myself to feel my inner child and assure her that she is safe and seen and loved in any given situation? and that it’s okay…, yes truly okay?

Am I still amazing even though I dont have so many likes? Can I still be an inspiration even though I dont have so many likes?

Can I live without comparing myself to others and feeling less worthy only because they have more likes and a greater following?

Am I more spiritual than others because I don’t drink or don’t use swear words or only dress in a certain way?
Is the „spiritual path“ just another limiting construct that has been created to be in a certain way, AGAIN?

Am I STILL trying to fit in and be perfect and be loved by others by being and presenting myself in a certain way just on another level that now is called „spiritual “?

Is my reality scattering again because I realized that just created another layer of the ego that has created all these dos and don ts and constructs?

Can I just scream and break free? Can I just please be out of the ego-constructs-box? Can I just be MYSELF, whatever that even means?

Will I still be loved if I do so? And then is the vulnerability actually my greatest strength? My greatest gift? Can we all be together perfectly imperfect and just love all parts of ourselves and of each other?

Can I love another even if they judge me? Can I accept that judgement is part of life and that even if they judge me that its ok and that I can still be loved?

And actually, can I see that opinions are not a fact? that the opinion depends on the perspective? Including my own?

But who am I if I just accept everything utterly, if I actually just have no opinion about things? Don’t I need to have an opinion if I am part of this world and collective?

Can I be triggered? Can I just accept that I’m triggered and see that I’m triggered and not care because I just want to be triggered at that moment? and knowing that its ok to just be triggered and just be human?

Can I just say what I like and don’t like and that’s it? Just say it without it mattering if its spiritual or not if its „aligned“ or not?

Can I just be paradox sometimes without needing to explain myself? Can I just say clearly what things are and how I feel about things without the fear of judgement and the need to explain myself in order to not be judged?

Can I just take a breather … just chill for a minute and relax?
anything else?