Within this 3 part series of the next articles will I be sharing about our inner waters, the white and the red waters and the merge of them both.
The White Rose Waters
When we come in touch with the white rose waters within us it will bring us a deep sense of serenity. It is like lying on a bed of white lilies, gentle, peaceful and loving embrace.
The movement of these waters is like a silent lagoon that spreads out evenly and a gently flowing river with the soothing sounds of the water drops and river movement.
Here do we fully open to the white light within ourselves. The purity, innocence and tenderness of our gentle heart. When we pierce through the pain and hurt from the past and our wounded inner child does we reach the shores of the white waters.
It is such a delicate and soft dance, as we start to open towards these waters do we come into another level of sensitivity- in which subtle wounds can be touched and opened. It takes us into a deep surrender into those subtle dimensions of self and in the same time is it a journey from deeper opening into sometimes suddenly closing down again – as these waters are so tender and seem so fresh and new that every little motion and frequency that is not aligned with their purity can easily bring up a feeling of unsafety within that openness.
Here is it our attunement to keep choosing the openness and to bring ourselves back into a save space from within.
Through working with the white waters can we heal grief and loss, unhealthy relationships with the masculine of betrayal and abandonment and bring forth forgiveness, compassion and a deep openness to love.
The Shadow Side of the White Rose Waters
The expression of the white waters is a pristine purity of love.
Yet often we can get lost in an inauthentic way of expressing the qualities of the white waters. Because we want to embrace the love & light, a dogmatic spiritual way of being, do we go into a passive space where we do not allow ourselves to speak up, where we rather please people than to say what we think or feel, where we submit and think that that is the right way to proceed in order to keep harmony.
We create a mask and a facade of love & light to ourselves and others under which all our pain and emotions are repressed. This is something that one can play out for years, even for their whole life without truly looking underneath as all is working fine through this way of behaving.
Yet if we are on a sincere path of the heart will we be taken on the authentic journey of the red and white waters, sooner or later.
How to unveil the shadows of the White Rose Waters
Tune in with your heart and womb (for men with your hara line/cosmic womb) from an authentic space and ask yourself:
Do you feel disconnected from your body?
Do you feel disconnected from your sexuality and embarrassed to speak about it in your spiritual circles?
Do you feel ashamed for emotions like anger, frustration and rather hide them?
Do you feel ashamed to express your shadow emotions?
Do you have difficulties with orgasms?
Use your Journal to contemplate these questions if a yes comes up.
The opening to the White Rose Waters
It is a deep journey into oneself to open to the purity and authentic white waters within ourselves and is truly something that will come with time, space and allowance. It is being vs. doing. Allowing vs. making happen.
We can perform sacred acts to invoke the energy of the white waters, like having days of silence, fasting, creating an altar for the white rose and mother mary lineage. Taking baths with essential oils and self-love days of gentleness. For women working with the yoni egg to birth the white waters within our womb space.
Wearing white clothes when we perform these sacred acts in honour of the white waters.
As well is it a dance of the red and the white waters to activate them both, which I will share more about in the next 2 articles to come.
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May the rose be with you❤️
Asherah Kaliyana

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