Namaste and welcome

to my Sacred Space beautiful Being! My name is Asherah Kaliyana.  I Am a Transformation Facilitator, Rose Mystic, and Creatrix of a sacred and ethical clothing line. I Love to be creative, to play and to look at the World through the eyes of childlike innocence and magic.

I travelled the world to discover the ancient truths of Mystics in Egypt, hidden Yogis from the East, and Medicine People from tribal cultures. And what I found was the same root Intention – the breaking through our limited ways of perception in order to remember what and who We truly are.
Through the experiences with all those cultures and with many different Masters and Healers have I found the pathway into the Sacred Heart within MySelf. It made me understand that there is truly no separation; there is no right or wrong Path. Because I could never choose a particular Path (since I felt so connected to many different ancient ways) I found a way of merging them within MySelf.

Though truly, Life has been my greatest teacher, as it comes in its unpredictability. I had been on the quest of seeking Love outside of MySelf. I was seeking it through Spiritual Practices, travels, Teachers, and seeking it in the form of Relationships, of emotional neediness, and in masking my Shadow. I have been through times of darkness — what some might call “The Dark Night of the Soul”— where my entire Life broke apart.

In those times I made a choice. I made the choice that I could heal to the depth of my Being, find strength and Love within MySelf. Instead of running away and distracting MySelf, I isolated MySelf to truly be and sit with the depth of my pain and suffering. And once I pierced through the depth of my Being could I finally see and experience True Love. That Love can never be taken away.

Now am I here to assist You, too — in finding this space within, and in taking You on a deep Journey of Healing, Remembrance, and Joy. In whatever way it takes! Because it is who You are, this is who We are, and it is our birthright to be ALWAYS connected to our Sacred Heart, to the Source of all Life. I am so grateful to be able to serve Our Source and through that to serve YOU.

Namaste’ — and Highest Blessings

Asherah Kaliyana


Asherah Kaliyana is a rose mystic, transformational guide, medicine woman and a trained energy worker. She as well created a organic clothing line that supports ethical practices.

Using her unique abilities and skills she seeks to empower people in opening themselves up towards the realization and embodiment of their true divine nature.

After experiencing the profound inner transformation herself, she fundamentally changed the path of her life’s vision and focus. She devoted herself to the exploration of the human energy field, the latent power of understanding the DNAs potential and as well, the nature of consciousness from a psycho-analytical and supernatural perspective.

Her exploration lead to working with various plant medicines from the world’s native cultures and tribes as integral of regular meditation practice to bring healing and understanding of the ego as freedom from the limitations of one’s own shadow.

Asherah dedicates her life towards the evolution of people in remembrance and return to the true Source within.

Everything is the Supreme Light and the Union with that is what brings each one of us to our True Self.

“The happiness of one’s own heart alone cannot satisfy the soul; one must try to include, as necessary to one’s own happiness, the happiness of others.”

Paramahansa Yogananda

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