I am that that you always feared. I am the fear. I am the darkness, I am the light. I am your wildest nightmare, I am your most heavenly dream. I am your mother I am your child. I am the in between. 

I am the vortex in your center consuming you into totality, sucking you into the dark night until no-thing is left. 

I am your biggest challenge and your greatest gift. I am the all consuming power that eats you alive, I am the void that destroys all parts of you that hold on to life. I am the death and I am the re- birth. 

I am all that you ever dreamed of and I am all that you are running away from. I am the sensual light that seduces you into my mists and veils of illusion. 

Where you get lost at times as I swollow you alive. I am the constant pull to keep pushing your surrender into me. 

As you can, if you can will we become one. One heart beat of the mystery of the great mother. But only the fearless ones can enter this heavenly gate of dark slumber. 

As my dark blue arms reach out for you to suck you into my being, let go, let go, so that we can die together into the void and rebirth – into the dream of divinity.

But do you have the courage to awaken into me? 

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