The red rose waters within us are like a slumbering lion, often held in handcuffs to be tamed. Societies fear of not knowing what this lion is going to do when set free has created a collective sense of suppression, shame and guilt around the red rose waters.
What the expression of the red rose water is in its primordial form is the pure life force power of shakti. It is the free expression of our passion, creativity, raw sexuality, sensuality and deeply wild nature.
Here is where we come in touch with all our senses, with the primordial blackness of the womb.
Society teaches us that desires are to be kept hidden and many spiritual traditions teach us that desires should be let go of as they are hindering us from our growth.
Through these conditions, we do bury our juiciness, our wilderness and our pleasure deep within us, hidden behind our wounds and the collective wound of sexual repression. This creates either a complete shutdown of our sexuality and a disconnection from our body and sacred organs or sexual shadow fantasies and expressions to rebel against society, our parents and religion. Either way is the red waters not embraced in their true expression and sacredness.
When we allow ourselves to go beyond this collective conditioning, embrace our desires and enter these unchartered realms of pure sensuality and rawness will the charge of shame and guilt around our sexuality be set free and the slumbering lion be awakened into its power.
This power is raw, this power is beyond measures and this power connects us to our deepest longings and desires that we were suppressing for so long.
Through the opening and the full embrace to our red rose waters, our sexuality, to the sacredness of the yoni and the lingam and the deep physical healing that occurs with that, are we going to break free into a deep mergence with a life full of magnetism, passion, wilderness, sensuality, joy, authenticity and pleasure.
Every moment is a deeper dropping into the primordial waters of the red rose that will crush any part of our ego which tries to hold on to a pre-framed idea of how life should be and how we should be.
Shakti, Kali Ma the great mother will allure us out of our limited frame of reference, false spirituality and patriarchal ways of living into her pure unleashed form of love.
The Shadow Side of the Red Rose Waters
When we tap into the power of the red rose waters and unleash the lion within us but have not yet allowed the white rose waters to flow freely and our heart to open into vulnerability and humility can it lead to a misuse of this raw power.
The magnetism of this power may attract attention, fame and glamour and this might bring forth the shadow of vanity and a sense of superiority.
The tricky bit here is with many spiritual leaders that have ignited the red rose waters within them but not yet fully opened into the vulnerable and humble heart, may it bring difficulties to realize the shadow as one has been allured into the limelight of their vanity.
On this pathway of remembrance is it utterly important to always take a step back and go into deep contemplation and reflection of one’s acts and behaviours, especially towards other people. It is important to always remember that we are equal to all no matter how far up we are on the ladder of spiritual growth.
Another shadow side can be the misuse of the red rose waters as a disguise of spiritual tantric practices and sacred sexuality. Especially beings that recently awakened and are exploring the realms of spirituality can be lured into tantric circles and practices that might amplify the sexual wounds and traumas rather than heal them.
It is important to be discerning with who we want to share our sexuality with as it is something so sacred and as well in what practices we want to engage. To take a step back and feel into our heart, into our inner guiding voice of wisdom and through that decide which way to go.
There are no right or wrong ways as all is learning, and sometimes we have to go into the realms of expressing our shadow and darkest desires to receive the jewels within them and release the electrical charge.
The opening of the Red Rose waters
This comes by allowing ourselves to be our full authentic self. To speak our truth and to claim our power and potential.
When we have a partner who we trust and feel safe with, we can explore all ways of making love in the form of a sacred ritual. Gentle, fierce, passionate, soft, wild… this is what activates the red rose waters within us and unleashes our wild human being.
Practices like sacred dance and wild tribal dance, opening up to emotions and expressing them freely (not projecting), shaking etc will allow us to release the electrical charge around our suppressed inner lion and free the tension of trying to fit into society.
Once the lion gets to see the sunlight, is it about acknowledging ourselves and our beauty, about feeling confident and allowing ourselves to be seen and to shine fully. To release all fear of judgement and be the wild and raw expression that we are destined to be and at the same time judge no other for what they are. Through that can we live freely and let the world around us live freely.
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May the rose be with you❤️

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