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Empowerment Mentoring &

Soul Alignment

Sense of inner peace and tranquility
More energy, vitality and peace of mind
Connection to your spiritual gifts and higher levels of consciousness
 Deep states of relaxation and healing

theta healing sessions


The Empowerment Mentoring & Soul Alignment is a powerful personal session with Asherah. Working on the multi-spectrum of your consciousness.
This is a unique and precise experience for each soul. It is combination of various healing modalities fused into Asherahs personal practice.

The depth and amount of energy transmitted in each session is aligned to the highest and best way of your current evolution.
Asherahs overall intention is to assist you in the advancement of your souls evolution and to empower you in breaking through limitations. She serves as a guide to you and as a vessel of multidimensional intelligence to stream information and to transmit high vibrational energy. 

The session can bring life changes and new ways of perception. This works together with your personal intent and openness to evolve.


In the Soul Alignment will you receive assistance with:

  • Clearing of energetic and physical blocks
  • Healing of childhood and/or parallel life traumas
  • Clearing of limiting belief systems
  • Realignment and regeneration of ones Energy field
  • Embodiement with greater aspects of the self 
  • Activation of dormant high vibrational coding
We set the intention
for the Atunement
We have a dialog
guided through
our higher selfes
we purify your bio-field
of energetic toxicity,
blocks and beliefs


We flood the field with
high vibrational
light frequencies and codes
Review & Integration
We review what happened
and you will receive
guidance for the path ahead


Free Resonance Call


15 – 20 minutes call to  for you to feel if you resonate with my work and for me to assess how I can be of service to you.

Individual Session


Each session is intuitive, unique as guided by the divine.
– 1h – 1,5h
– intuitive dialog
– energetic realignment
– follow up and review

Alignment Package


3 Sessions
If you are ready to go deep than the empowerment package is for you. You will receive 3 sessions where one session will flow into the next which allows deeper healing and opening to the divine heart.


What They Say

“If you are willing to go deep, this is the healing for you!
Asherah created a beautiful held, safe space and used a blend of healing modalities. She gently helped me to identify some core beliefs, formed in childhood which were subsequently released, along with the energetic and cellular memories; leaving me with a feeling of wholeness and peace.

Since my healing I have not been aware of those limiting beliefs or feelings again and it has also helped me to continue to work with my inner child, repairing old wounds and realising the gifts that she has always been holding for me.
A transformative experience!”
Shelly M.

“That was the purest transmission I have received to date, which I believe reflects the purity you are dear Asherah. I started the transmission feeling calm and open but very soon resistance came up in my physical form. I felt uncomfortable and unsettled. As I surrendered to the process it cleared to allow me to be in a place of clarity and stillness. I was able to see codes coming into my fields and it was with deep gratitude that I released them into Gaia. I feel deep gratitude for your presence and I thank God that took part.
I would love to continue working with you.”
Karen Sophia
“I have tried many healing modalities as well as researched and studied them, as I and am currently completing a masters in transpersonal psychology. I feel Ashearah offers a unique and powerful synthesis. She is a wise, humble and powerful medicine woman and a truly a gifted healer.

Her healings go very deep and leave you feeling empowered and clear blissful and peaceful. Although this was a skype healing the affects were very tangible for me.  I experienced a stillness in my inner core and a powerful shift in my womb as I felt the release of lots of stored energy.

Asherah is a constant guide in my life, being extremely present and wise Asherah will have a huge impact on anyone she works with. She is deeply connected with source and able to channel high frequency light codes and is an inspiration for anyone wanting to connect with their power, creativity and expression.
Freyja Birch

“I found Asherahs energetic healing session to be clear, direct, powerful and effective. I felt my body releasing as she removed things from my field. I felt like my essence came back and the following day I felt happier and lighter after I had been feeling down prior to the session and experiencing a lower vibration. I also felt less pain in my lower back which she worked on. I am grateful for her healing work.”
Akara Heart


“Thank You lovely Asherah for the 2 wonderful healing sessions. You helped me so much to ground and  clear off negative energies within just a few minutes. I highly appreciated your way of working, in such a calm and peaceful way in the middle of the chaos we were in.  I warmly recommend You and your work and I am looking forward to meet You again for a session next time I come to Glastonbury. Sending You my warmest Greetings & gratitude!”


Treat Yourself, Transform your Life