Life is about balance. The Wu Wei as it is called in the Tao. It does not matter what we do and where we come from, which tradition we follow or which words we use.

But to find balance is an applicable practice for everyone.

The red rose waters have taken us onto a journey of authentic expression, sensuality and pleasure, of freedom and wilderness. (read the previous article in my blog)

The white rose waters have to taken us onto a journey of melting into the open heart, utter vulnerability and finding serenity, purity and silence within.  (read the first article in my blog)

These might seem two very opposing forces, yet are they both so aligned with each other and important on our pathway of divine embodiment.

How can we be only connected to our white essence of purity and serenity if the primordial essence of life is creation, is wild and free, beyond paradigm?

And how can we be only connected to our red essence of wilderness and joy if the centre of all is stillness and if the vulnerable heart is the only true gateway to the realignment with love?

This is where the mind has to finally let go. This is where the ego can not rule anymore, trying to make up rules on how one should be, stereotyping and identifying with certain archetypes and through that limiting the true and full expression of one’s uniqueness.

The truth is no archetype will ever be good enough because YOU ARE your own archetype. All that archetypes (the priestess, the Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Jesus, Buddha, divine mother, the Lilith…) are, are mere reflections of an energetic expression of divinity.

They are here to inspire us and to remind us of the pathway back home into our sacred human heart.
That is where the red and the white rose waters merge. When we find back home into our gentle, soft, wild, beautiful, pure, imperfect authentic expression. Here will we be able to free ourselves from all paradigms and all ideas and allow the waters to flow like immaculate rivers of divine love wild and translucent.

In that space you will finally be able to be YOU. Your divine authentic self. Here is it possible to be wild, to express your sensuality in its rawest form and in the same time be innocent and playful like a child, be bestowed with the pure white light and waters of divinity.
It is here, where your inner voice will guide you and at times even take the form of one of the archetypes. Unlocking the divine coding of the ancient memories within you.
Yet must you never identify with it – because as soon as this happens has the ego taken over and taken on a story.

This is what the waters serve you for and what the waters are reflecting to us all so beautifully. They never take on a form. They always flow, sometimes in wild rage like the ocean and sometimes in pristine stillness like the silent lagoons and lakes. Yet is their essence always the same, it is water.

These series of articles was written to inspire your beloved heart to remember that you are the water and to allow yourself to be like the water. Through that will you awaken the Red and the White Rose Waters within you in their highest and pristine expression of divine love.

Asherah Kaliyana

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