The frequency of the Rose has been coming in strongly, guiding my path. This is a very high and gentle frequency which teaches the simplicity of listening to the hearts voice and calling. It is beautiful to keep witnessing roses appering in my external reality as this rose colored light keeps filling my energy field more and more. Alchemizing all aspects into love that where not yet- showing me the simplicity of just being in the heart and from the heart.

That is truly all that is to it and comes through it. Simple but profound. It is nothing less and nothing more that the ancient ones, the wise ones like the order of the Essene and the Mother Mary would teach us back than as well as now. To let go of all the stories and identification with who we think we are. Even when we are bringing through a certain frequency or transmission of Councils or Ascendent Masters – all there is to it is the message that wants to come forth. Beyond the name and the story.

That is the message of the rose and the message of love. The pure attunement to the voice of the heart and through that drops all seeking and searching away. Because there is a full acceptance and surrender into the present moment. Through that drops all fear away. Because there is deep faith in the voice of the heart and that intelligence.

May the Rose be with you all.

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